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Anabolic steroids are very bad for you, Superman

If you insist on taking anabolics, make sure you consult a physician first

Johan Du Toit | 2003

Anabolic steroids seem to be so easily obtainable from a myriad contacts in almost every gym. When considering using steroids to improve muscle mass and performance, the first thing to do is to get as much information on the topic as possible.

Tip: avoid the advice of users in your gym
Go and speak to your doctor, who hopefully will be open-minded enough to hear you out and should you insist on using steroids, will monitor you. Areas to watch out for is pituitary gland secretions, serum testosterone, cholesterol levels, liver functions and in older men to check for any prostate problems prior to commencement of the steroids.

The most commonly used and considered the 'safest' steroid is Nandrolone (trade name Deca-durabolin). This is an injectable steroid which adds to its 'better' reputation, as injectables are not as damaging as orally administered drugs.

Anabolic steroids are usually used in combinations, in that way the body does not get 'stale' and the optimum effect can be achieved.

The hot list:
Bolasterone, Boldenone, Clostebol, Dehydrochloromethyltestosterone, Ethylestrenol, Fluoxymeterone, Mesterolone, Methenolone, Methyltestosterone, Methandienone, Nandrolone, Norethandrolone/etyhylesterol, Oxandrolone, Oxymesterone, Oxymetholone,Stanozolol, Stenbolone, Trenbolone, Probenecid (Masking Agent for competitions), Testosterone (T/EPI-T Ratio), Fluoxymesterone (Halotestin), Mesterolone (Primobolin), Methenolone (Primobolan), Nandrolone (Deca-Durabolin), Oxandrolone (Oxandrin),Stanozolol (Winstrol).

All these drugs are a schedule 4 or 5 in this country and can only be obtained legally with a doctor's prescription. Due to the lack of availability, black market profiteers internationally are packaging their own counterfeit drugs, which are not only worthless but also dangerous.

Serious short-term side effects:
Insomnia, loss of appetite, acne, muscle and joint pains, pain specifically in the calves, muscle cramps, shortness of breath, sneezing & runny nose, chronic sinus trouble, heartburn and/or indigestion, excessive gas, frequent urination, nighttime urination, water retention (looking fat), cuts and bruises slow to heal, occasional irregular heartbeats, leg cramps at rest or at night, coldness of hands and feet, back pains, numbness and tingling (in arms, legs, and face), muscle twitches, memory problems.

The long terms side effects discovered so far are much worse, and will be dealt with in later editions.

Despite all this, there is no doubt that anabolic steroids are effective in achieving lean muscle mass, and is likely to continue to be the most widely used ergogenic aid in sport.




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