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Weight training tips

If you really want to bulk eat, eat anything, and also make sure you change your routine often.

Marius Wilken | 2003

Photo: Janssen Books
There are many myths about weight training. One is that there is a magical formula out there that works for everybody. Another is that that magical formula works every time and for ever. The same myth goes for supplements.

Not all supplements work for all people all the time and in the same way.

Diets and supplements
The latest research shows that your body needs 'real' food (from primary sources) and that using supplements must only be used on advice of professionals. The Body for Life EAS programme is an example of such a structured programme in conjunction with professionals.

If you are working on your own, your body will respond to food better that it would to supplements. That is true especially of people who walk into the shop and are confused by the bewildering array of supplements available.

With synthesised (artificial) foods, such as supplements, the quantities of ingredients and nutrients are appropriate for people who are under professional care (such as a dietician or accredited personal trainer). These people will assess your needs and then guide you towards an appropriate diet. Don't do it on your own.

Remember that they have been trained and will know more than you do, so use them.

Training routines
The latest research also shows that your body gets used to a training routine quite quickly. It is also probably true to say that weight training is not an exact science and that everybody's body responds differently to the same inputs. So the bottom line is variety. Variety in eating as well as training.

Another important point to remember for those who are desperate to put on bulk (which probably means an increase in body fat too) is stay away from cardio exercises (that are catabolic) for a while.

Remember that it is one of the two: bulking or cutting, but not both. You can always cut afterwards.

The fundamentals
  • To increase size and strength you need to overload the muscle (by at least 5% weekly)
  • Muscles adapt very quickly, (within weeks) so change your programme at least once every 4 weeks
  • Use it or loose it - your body will revert back to what it was before training if you stop
  • Supplements - try to avoid them or seek professional help
  • Diet - if you want to grow you must eat, eat anything and eat often (every 3 hours)

    See you in the gym!




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