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Best food


In order to sustain and build muscle you need a good source of carbs and protein, but there a differences in the qualities of these sources.

Best Carbohydrate options
1 cup of cooked oats
1 cup of cooked oat bran (more fiber, less carbs)
1 medium microwaved potato (the size of your fist)
1 medium micorwaved sweet potato (lower glycemic index, better option)
1 cup of cooked rice
1 cup of cooked brown rice (more fiber)
1-2 slices of rye bread (wheat free)
½ serving USN Carbo Fuel
1 portion pumpkin
1 portion beans
1 portion corn

Best Protein options
1 serving USN pure protein
½ tin of solid tuna in water
1 skinless chicken breast (grilled or microwaved)
4-6 egg whites
1 skinless hake / haddock fillet (with apple cider vinegar for best results)
1 100g lean steak fillet (grilled with spray and cook)
1 portion salmon
1 portion low fat cottage cheese

Best Vegetable options (green leafy vegetables)
1 portion broccoli
1 portion green beans
1 portion spinach
1 portion cabbage
1 portion lettuce
1 portion carrots
1 portion green pepper
1 portion tomato
1 portion cucumber
1 portion Brussel sprouts
1 portion asparagus
1 portion cauliflower
1 portion mushrooms
1 portion peas
1 portion celery

Best fruit options
1 green apple
2 slices of pineapple
1 small banana
1 small orange
1 portion melon
NB: no grapes (glycemic index to high)




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