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Romeo San Vicente | August 4, 2003

Xena Battles The Boogeyman

Xena: Warrior Princess Pacific Renaissance Pictures Everyone's favorite warrior princess may finally be meeting a foe she can't beat: the boogeyman himself. Xena's Lucy Lawless has signed on to co-star in The Boogeyman, a thriller currently shooting in her home country of New Zealand. Along with Lawless, 7th Heaven's Barry Watson stars as a young man returning to his childhood home to try to overcome traumatic, boogeyman-inspired events that took place in his bedroom. Not to be confused with the schlocky '80s series of Boogeyman movies, this fright-fest comes from Sam Raimi's (Spider-Man) new horror production company, Ghost House. Raimi used to executive produce Xena, and he's also got a horror-picture pedigree - he was responsible for such scary movies as The Evil Dead and Darkman.

Brini's No Meaniet

Brini Maxwell, the Manhattan cable maven of all that's right in the retro home, is taking her act to the big leagues - well, to the Style cable network. Brini, the drag alter ego of Ben Sander, started taping a home style show from her Chelsea apartment - with her mother behind the camera - back in 1998, and it soon became a Friday-night staple for New York cable viewers. The show offers helpful tips to the stylish homemaker on everything from fashion to cleaning. Style loved Brini's sleek look (her home only features items from 1958 to 1974) and chirpy demeanor so much they signed her up to shoot a 13-episode, primetime season of the show for the network. To catch a look at Brini, you can turn the dial of your cute, white Nixon-era television to Style in the fall.

Queer as Folk Creator Finds Jesus

Move over Bruce Almighty - the Son of God has returned to England, and he looks nothing like Jim Carrey. The Second Coming, the latest offering from Russell T. Davies, creator of the original U.K. version of Queer as Folk, stars Christopher Eccleston (28 Days Later, The Others) as a man who goes mysteriously missing for 40 days. He returns claiming to be God's offspring, and he's got the grand-scale miracles to prove it. The bad news? He also threatens a seriously wrathful Judgment Day unless humankind can get its act together in five days. Cable network BBC America will debut the original film on September 20. Expect holy chaos to ensue.

Romeo San Vicente has had his fair share of traumatic bedroom experiences.



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