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Big Gay Deal: Behold the Age of Fun-derwear
Israeli-born former celebrity hair stylist Nir Zilberman came to America in 1981 dreaming of carving a new life for himself. So far, so good. As the proprietor of Just One L.A., L.A.'s first retail outpost devoted exclusively to men's underwear and swimwear, Nir is hoping to do for men and their undergarments what
Victoria's Secret did for women and theirs. Read more
Sport: Matthew Mitcham, Andy Murray
Boy wonder Australian diver Matthew Mitcham and frightening former boxing champ Emile Griffith come out; Mike Piazza retires and is still heterosexual, we swear; lesbians are asked to stop kissing at a ballgame; Jason Taylor is sick of losing; and there�s a new gay icon in town... tennis pro Andy Murray.
Read more
'I'm gay', says Australian diving champ Matthew Mitcham
Like many athletes around the world, Australian Matthew Mitcham fought his way to the top of his sport to qualify for the Beijing Olympic Games. Unlike many of his Olympic counterparts, however, the diver must fight to bring his life partner with him to the Games after coming out to the Sydney Morning Herald Sunday, making him Australia�s only openly gay Olympic athlete. Read more
Michelle Ferris named Gay Games Ambassador
Australian Michelle Ferris, one of cycling's all-time sprint stars with multiple world and Olympic medals to her credit, has been selected by the Federation of Gay Games (FGG) to be the newest Gay Games Ambassador, an international group of prominent individuals supporting the Gay Games. Read more
Weekly review: Luke MacFarlane, Jason Beghe
In the news this week, gay married couples have trouble getting a divorce; A gay Filipino man sues after doctors film his unusual rectal surgery; Brothers and Sisters star Luke MacFarlane finally comes out; Jeffrey Sanker asked for a less drug oriented White Party; Michelle Rodriguez refuses to talk about her vagina; will gay classmate killer Brandon McInerney be tried as an adult? Read more
Andy Roddick, Barack Obama
The 'Gay Game' you'll probably never play
Louis Vuitton Victoire Thong Sandal
Straight Acting: The Truth Behind the Myth
LOVE � Made in Heaven: The Freddie Mercury Collection
The World�s Sexiest Athletes: Gay Olympic Swimmer Johan Kenkhuis
Cascada, Judy Garland
Dolly Parton, Janet
Some ripped, some toned and some gay male models of reality TV
War of the Marilyn Wannabes
USA: Women can't officiate or play sports?
A few words (some foul) from Joan Rivers
Lukas Ridgeston to tour South Africa
Mr Gay Ph.D, or Mr. Gay Porn Star revisited
Move over, mass effect: Here comes a real gay game
Maternity leave and same sex parenting scenarios
Style Watch: Awards shows & no shows
Gay Gaming: Special Edition
Do You Know Where You're Going To?
Site You Have to See: OverheardinNewYork.com
Does almost count?
Fighting discrimination
Gay 4 pay
Grammy nominations led by Amy Winehouse, Kanye West
Confessions of an underwear whore
Thinking Positive: The struggle of HIV+ athletes
Gay gaming
Mr Gay
Up Close with Taylor Dayne
The latest trend in men�s footwear Up Close with LeAnn Rimes Defining Community: LGBT Athletes of Colour
Up Close with Melissa Etheridge
A Softball Coach Reflects
Exclusive: Up close with Annie Lennox
Children's Book – a South African first
Skin care fundamentals
You Say You Want a Revolution
Transformation: A Sportswriter's Journey to Fulfillment
Ten minutes with Prison Break's Amaury Nolasco
Fighting for Both the Crips and the Queers
Robert Dover's Foundation Doesn't Horse Around
Ten Minutes with Minnie Driver
Ten Minutes with Margaret Cho
Why Do We Have Sex?
Gays 1, Bigots 0
One Day Seminar
Repeating Holocaust History
Gay Sports' Sweet Music
Gay Sports Scholarship Seeks Recipients
Truth Calling
If It's June, It's Got To Be Pride
3,000 Years of Gay Sports Stars
Coming Out at Outward Bound
Exporting Hate
John Amaechi: The RealJock Interview Out of Bounds: The Big Apple's Sports Core
Gay L.A. All the Way
Toasting a Gay Sports Bars
Christianity and the LGBT Community
Cheering an End to Homophobia
Evan Darling Revs His Engine
A pioneer of SA same-sex marriage
In the Ring, and Wearing One
Gay rugby is getting hot in America
The Unsinkable Gay Games
Gay Jocks Converge on Calgary
SA GLBT parental rights and the ProBono.Org
Hoops and Hollers
Pitching in for Jack McGowan
Same-sex Couples and Surrogacy in South Africa
Out to Write Wrongs
Transgender Athletes: The Story of Stella Walsh
Slamming the Door on Negative Recruiting
Gay marriage and parental rights in South Africa
The Dungeon and Ronnie Oelofson documentary
....and baby makes three
The Locker Room Closet Opens Up
Real to Reel: Gay Games DVD a Sporty Showcase
Easy Riders
Debt Again: Outgames, $5 million deficit; Gay Games, $35,000
Just a phase
NextAid 'World AIDS Day' events in Los Angeles
Gay Love/ Zero
Blood Ties: Changing Perceptions of HIV-Positive Athletes
I'm Coming Out!
Creating Sport
Roll Bounce: An Author's Obsession with Roller Derby
Healing the World
Through the Fire: Firefighter/Powerlifter Seeks World Record
Same-sex marriage in the US
Pro Mos: Real Gay Wrestlers in Professional Wrestling
Banning Books by Intelligent Design
Climb Every Mountain: Exploring the Wilderness
Lifetime Achiever: Tennis Legend Billie Jean King Honored
Social Change Calling
The Fast Lane: Dutch Olympic Swimmer Johan Kenkhuis
That Toddlin' Town: Chicago's Gay Games a Success
Lucky VII: Gay Games Heats Up Chicago
Interview: Aiden Shaw
Family Affair: Partners and Parents Participate in the Games
TWO Is Better Than "Won"!
Serving Out: Leigh-Ann Naidoo's Volleyball as Activism
Power Dyke
Mat Time: Grabbing Wrestling Opportunities
Going the Distance: Athletes' Yellow Brick Road to the Games
Do the Paperwork
Grand Slam: Martina Navratilova on Fitness and the Politics of Sports
Project Triangle initiating several new support groups
Official schedule of the 1st World Outgames Montr�al announced
On the Road
Wheels on Fire: Olympic Cyclists Rossner and Arndt Keep Riding
Rock the Boat: Gay and Lesbian Crews Sail On
Visualizing Success: Olympic Diver Greg Louganis
Justify Our Love
Parting the Waters: Gay Games Rowing in the Suburbs
Taking It for Granted
Is Unsportsmanlike Conduct a Straight Thing?
Not having children�the new cardinal sin in gayworld
The D Word
Olympic gold medalist Greg Louganis becomes Gay Games ambassador
Speed Racer: Olympic Skeleton Star Courtney Yamada
Tough Enough: Women's Rugby Puts Sport First
My Generation, Your Generation
Western Skies: Working Out in Wyoming
The black gay dollar: ignored and overlooked
PAWS for Reflection
European Union: Sport Crosses Borders at the EuroGames
Show Time: The Spectacle and Controversy of Opening Ceremonies
Diving Out: Scuba Groups Go Deep
Starting Over: New Orleans Sports Groups Rebuild
Lesbians Take Care
A Forward Past: Recognizing Our Sports Legacy
Where Is Our Martin Luther King?
Calling Foul: Penn State Coach's History of Homophobia
Show Me the Money: Scholarships Give Athletes a Helping Hand
Dirty Little Secret
Tackling Homophobia: Esera Tuaolo Sings Out Loud and Proud
Is That a Promise or a Threat?
Revising the Playbook: LGBT Athletic Groups Educate and Litigate
Is That a Promise or a Threat?
A Word from Our Sponsors: Boycotts Can Go Both Ways
Meet Dad and Daddy
Revising the Playbook: LGBT Athletic Groups Educate and Litigate
ED: Erectile Dysfunction or Erroneous Dedication?
Jump for Ji: Olympic Trampoline Medalist Returns Out and Proud
Walk Like a Girl
The 'O' Word: Women's Rights, Gay Rights, and the Olympics
Bye-Bye, Bi?
Out in Synch: Synchronized Swimming, the Little Sport That Could
Faking the Team: Questionable Recruitment for OutGames
Out at the Old Ballgame: "Gay Days" and Baseball Fans
Training Daze: 49ers Video Is an Equal Opportunity Offender
Muscled Out: Gay Games VII Bans Steroid Use
Political Science
Strong Man: Powerlifter Chris Morgan's Road to Success
Kid Stuff: Gays in Young-Adult Sports Literature
Bowled Over: Milwaukee Hosts IGBO's Silver Anniversary
'Queering' Terri Schiavo
Channel Surfers
Looking at Jocks: Nude Athletes Are Fine, Just Not in America
Knocked Out: Boxing's Gay and Lesbian Presence
Net Results: Volleyball Tournaments Serve It Up
Border Crossings: The Politics of 2006's Sports Events
Foot Work: When Is Dancing a Sport?
The Limited Lesbian
Isn't It Romantic?
Rough Boys: Rugby Clubs Are Serious Fun
Blades on Ice: Figure Skaters Focus on New Tournaments
Sporty Splice: The Best Gay Sports Films
Rip Girls: Women Surfers' New Wave
Quintessentially quintessential to hitting the town fabulously!
Berlin Stories: Rift Between Gay Games and OutGames Extends to 2010
'Lesbian' Is Still a Dirty Word
Fair Game: Male Bonding in Flag Football
Up in the Air: Where Are the Gay Gymnasts?
Making Waves: IGLA 2004 Splashes Down in Ft. Lauderdale
Putting It Together: Making Gay Sports Events Happen
Getting Bucked: A Rodeo Bull Rider's Risks and Rewards
Carrying a Torch for Gay Olympians
The Homo Scale
Overexposed: Hungarian Olympian Banned for Porn Past
Our Love Is Here to Stay
Kicks: Gay Soccer's World Cup Runneth Over
Striders: Front Runners' Historic Path
Quite a Racquet: Gay Tennis Tournaments Open Up the Courts
Ordinary People
Wheel Life: Cyclists Keep Riding for AIDS
It's the Economy, Stupid
Pooling Around: Water Polo Makes a Big Splash
Keeping an F-B-Eye on Dissent
Globall-ization: How the War of Words Hurts Gay Jocks
Oar Well: Lesbian and Gay Rowers on Course
Spread the Word
Gay Wrestlers Heat Things Up
Marriage Rights To-Do List
Playing Games: Did Montreal Lie Through Contract Negotiations?
Berlin film fest focuses on South African gay film amongst others
Trans Mission: Olympics, Gay Games, and Transsexual Athletes
Composing Ourselves along the lines of the National Endowment for the Arts
Snow Way: Gay Winter Games, Anyone?
Paula Martinac talks about queer visibility in the media and The L Word
Cirque du Soleil illegally sacked HIV+ acrobat: US authorities
Kansas court backs harsher sentences for underage gay sex than hetero sex
NFL great Jerry Smith, the first gay football player to make it to the Super Bowl
New L.A. sex museum pays tribute to the tame and tawdry
The wives of presidential contenders should be running in stead
The not-so-civil marriage debate
Recalling Reagan
Marriage uncoupled
"Lesbians face higher heart disease risk"
Don't call me Mrs. Martinac
Why a gay high school is a bad idea
Why I don't care about Gephardt's lesbian daughter
Should Americans marry in Canada?
Is US Supreme Court admiting legal bias?
Governors' Races Impact Gay Issues
Leaders Move from Mainstream to Gay Politics
Election Results: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Gay candidates make progress in the conservative American south
Republicans Make Gay Marriage an Issue in 2004 Presidential Campaign
Federal Marriage Amendment Faces Major Obstacles
The Political Tides Turn
Gays Major Players in California Governor's Recall
A Rough 2004 for Tammy Baldwin?
ENDA Losing Republican Muscle
US presedential race: Two Cheers for Jerry Springer
Is marriage the next major gay issue in USA?
Gay Interests at Mercy of California Political Turmoil
Asking and telling about Wesley Clark



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