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Moms with Babas
When becoming parents or entering the �parent zone� some couples find the need to meet other families of the same structure difficult. Your usual group of friends has somewhat different priorities to yours or it is hard to find families that resemble your own. Read more
A few words with Peter Tatchell
Best known in Southern Afica for his attempted arrests of Robert Mugabe, Peter Tatchell has been a prominent human rights activist for over forty years. He campaigned for aboriginal rights and against the war in Vietnam in his native Australia before moving to the UK and becoming involved in the movement for
Gay rights. Read more
Mike Ruiz
This famous photographer makes his feature film directorial debut with the release of the madcap espionage adventure thriller, Starrbooty, starring RuPaul. Hailing from Montreal Canada and now based in New York, Ruiz is best known for his high-impact, colorful celebrity photography. Read more
The American Presidential race
It is hard to imagine an election more important to the future of the American gay community than the one being faced in November. That is why all must be done so that families and friends can be prevented from voting for candidates who oppose gay equality. Read more
Life � a Journey or an Endless Expectation?
We know the answer to this question, but why do we still keep living in a constant yearning for the final result? 5 items to bring along as we trod together the path that is ahead of us. Our goals are stuck on the future. Our regrets and memories belong to the past. Read more
Openly gay Australian diver Matthew Mitcham wins gold
Openly gay Australian diver Matthew Mitcham clinched the gold medal in the 10-meter platform, ending the Chinese domination of the sport at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Mitcham was second to China's Zhou Luxin by more than 30 points leading into the final round, but scored a massive 112.10 on his last dive, sealing his gold medal, halting China�s reign as number one in diving at the Beijing games. Read more
Hot guys: John Stallings
He�s modeled all around the world and made a name for himself on TV shows like Bravo�s Manhunt and Oxygen�s Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, but judging from his down-to-earth demeanor, none of it seems to have fazed John Stallings very much. The stunning gay hunk opened up to us about maintaining a relationship, playing gay on TV and coming out to mom and dad. Read more
Hot guys: Glenn Douglas Packard
Nothing makes us cringe more than the words 'gay best friend' as it pertains to TV – especially when said gay is the BFF on a reality show – but something about Glenn Douglas Packard is different. The in demand choreographer is getting his close up as the self-confident ying to Brooke Hogan�s yang on Brooke Knows Best.
Read more
The JQ saga
The JWG, a SA network representing 24 Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) organizations throughout South Africa was outraged by a column that appeared in the Sunday Sun on 20 July 2008 (Call me names, but gay is not ok) that is filled with hate speech against lesbian and gay people.
Read more
A few word with Ferras
At the tender age of 25, up-and-coming recording artist Ferras has seen Hollywood from all sides and it is reflected in nearly every song of his brilliant debut CD Aliens and Rainbows. The hit making singer/songwriter opens up about Hollywood's dark side, how Britney Spears nearly derailed his career and being elligible and available for Mr. Right. Read more
Eric Shanteau puts on a brave face
Eric Shanteau puts on a brave face for Beijing; Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte take it off for Men's Journal; the Beijing Olympics welcomes cheerleading; Beckham's briefs may not feel as good as they look; Turkish Oil Wrestling gets good n' greasy and synchronized swimmer denied. Read more
Hot guys: Nick Adams
Six months ago, if you�d said the name Nick Adams to much of anyone outside of Broadway�s theatre community, they wouldn�t have known who the hell you were talking about. He made headlines when gossip columns suggested his co-star was jealous of his body. Read more
The nicely constructed Euro-stud Fernando Torres
Spain wins the Euro2008 thanks to unfortunately maned stud Fernando Torres; Andy Roddick keeps on losing; a Hooker and a Gay set Olympic records; Matthew Mitcham still wants cash to fly his booty call to Bejing. Read more
Beckham's building-sized bulge
Beckham's bulge is now several stories high; Maria Sharapova ditched jewelry-encrusted Wimbledon duds for 'menswear'; Rafael Nadal is officially off the market...for three years now; twin twinks Paul and Morgan Hamm return to the US Olympic gymnastics team and some sex site is using Brady Quinn as bait. Read more
A few words with Jackie Collins
Celebrated author Jackie Collins. Get the dish from the literary icon whose new book, Married Lovers, is on the shelves. Here the Hollywood raconteur discusses being a street writer, confronting the real Hollywood wives and the gay men who give her insight into the male psyche. Read more
Michael Phelps and other swim hunks cover it up in the pool
Spanish tennis baller Fernando Verdasco bares it all for Cosmo; taking a stand against homophobia at Euro 2008; Danica Patrick�s boobs are turning some guys off; Joey Logano becomes the youngest NASCAR champ at 18; lesbians play rugby too and Screech is sinking even lower in Hulk Hogan�s new reality show. Read more



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