Updated: June 2008

Norway approves same-sex marriage
Jurors conclude Princess Diana, Dodi Fayed ‘unlawfully killed’
Iranian gay asylum seeker to be deported?
Cry for help from refugee highlights gays' plight in Iran
Northern Ireland sports minister denounces gay rugby team for discrimination

Hungary passes new legislation to recognize same-sex unions
UK Civil Partnerships recognised in Spain
Former French drag queen arrested over murders of 18 gay men
French authorities nab gay serial killer
Gay World Rugby Cup lands major sponsorship deal
Anne Will, Germany's top political and sports analyst comes out
UK gay soccer team lands major sponsorship
Smoke bombs disrupt gay rights conference in Lithuania
Gay baby creates controversy in Italy
Suspended Vatican Official Swears He's Not Gay
British firefighters reprimanded for disturbing men cruising
Hungarian radio station fires 2 for posting anti-gay image on web
Europe crowns a new Mr. Gay
UK complies with new smoking ban
Plans for World Outgames 2009 in Copenhagen underway
Dutch embassies yo research gay rights
'Gay Street' declared by Italian LGBT rights group
Sale of ‘magic mushrooms’ called into question by the Netherlands
Anglican church elects plan to close 'gay' schism
Hungarian politician comes out of the closet
Versailles’ renovated Hall of Mirrors opened to the public
Europeans flock to Madrid for Europride 2007
London Pride marches on after car bombs discovered nearby
London prepares for ‘Concert for Diana’
Ireland reports HIV increase in gay men
London will host 2008 Gay Football World Cup
Brazil: Millions flock to Sao Paulo for Gay Pride parade
Cambridge, England, welcomes first transgender mayor
Protestors clash with police at Romania Gay Pride Parade
London adds football to Pride festivities
Latvian Gay Pride parade marches on amid tight security
Poland backs off 'Teletubbies' gay probe
Moscow gay arrests & violence
Nigel Owens becomes the 1st openly gay rugby World Cup referee
Polish homophobia condemned
Thousands march in Poland's annual Gay Pride celebration
Anti-gay rally draws hundreds of thousands to Rome
Archbishop of Wales urges tolerance in Easter message
Italy's top Bishop compares gay rights to incest, pedophilia
Scotland passes law punishing anti-gay comments at football games
UK same-sex couples flocking to LA surrogacy clinic
Florida town finalizes firing of pre-op transgender city manager
British school program teaches kids about same-sex families
Poland: School censorship proposal threatens basic gay rights
Poland to crack down on ‘homosexual propaganda’ in schools
Copenhagen begins preparation for 2009 OutGames
Anti-gay Latvian group charges Blair with interfering
Italians gather in Rome to support gay marriage bill
Gay rugby cup to be held in Dublin
Moscow Gay Pride organizers take mayor to court for 'satanic' insults
Irish students urge TDs to ‘vote for fairness’ on civil unions
Italian catholics say Vatican's same-sex marriage opposition goes too far
Anglican bishops refuse communion over Episcopal church's pro-gay stance
Banning of Gay Pride in Chisinau unlawful says Supreme Court
Britain Courts Gay Tourists With a Less Sexy Approach
Amsterdam cracks down on public pot smoking
Italy grants legal rights to unmarried same-sex, heterosexual couples
Russian govt supports freedom of assembly for gays
Sir Ian McKellen launches UK gay history month
Moscow mayor: Gay Pride is ‘satanist happening’
Tony Blair 'No exemptions for faith-based adoption agencies'
UK gay groups welcome apparent decision by govt on gay adoption
Head of Italy's bishops speaks against same-sex unions
UK crystal meth users face up to 7 years for possession
Poland: Monument to gay victims of nazi death camps planned in Warsaw
Gay masseur wins discrimination case in Czech Republic
Italian group commerates gay man's suicide during Vatican protest
Religious groups fail to block British gay rights laws
UK gay football team is leading the way for more co's to sponsor athletics
British Royal composer lashes out after island council bans gay wedding
Anglican church leader fears split over gay clergy
Belgian 'Bad Girls' tie the knot

Ireland refuses legal recognition of lesbian marriage
Glasgow City Council leader splits with wife, says he's gay
Italian conservative leaders outraged by same-sex partnership legislation
UK government minister 'delighted' at gay partnership explosion
UK same-sex marriages top 15,500
UK survey: majority of gay teens have sex before 16
Sexually abusive language aimed at UK teachers and pupils
Russian gay activist vows to fight on
Pope attacks gay unions, calling them 'wak and defiant'
OutRage! pans UK football player
Gay animal exhibit argues homosexuality is natural
Irish lesbians challenge marriage law in landmark case
Sweden to deport gay Iranian refugee
Anglican bishops call truce to address divide over homosexuality
Pope criticizes Canadians over gays and abortion
Scotland disciplines fire fighters for snubbing gay march
UK Anglican leader says gays must change behavior
UK: Gay policeman fighting for right to wear earring on duty
Germany grants Iranian lesbian asylum
British man sentenced in abstentia for infecting former partner with HIV
Equality is still a dream in the UK
HIV+ man on the run in UK after infecting male partner
Latvia bans Gay Pride
Russia to lift gay blood ban says ministry of health
Church of England dean launches attack against critics of gay priests
Pope is Queen of Homophobia
Moscow mayor stands by decision to ban pride
Moscow police & fascists wreck Gay Pride
EuroPride hits London
UK gay foster parents guilty of abuse
Tatchell defies Moscow gay ban
Moscow mayor sticks to word and bans Pride Parade
British Home Office rebuked over gay asylum abuses
Iraq: Sistani removes 'death to gays' fatwa
Belgium legalizes same-sex adoption
Catholic Cardinal: condoms are a 'lesser evil'
UK gay couple has car license plate banned
London hands down first HIV infection criminal sentence
Catholic Notre Dame to allow Vagina Monologues, Gay Film Fest
The Salvation Army : Norwegian gay and lesbian friendly group started
HSBC Bank of London faces sexual discrimination charges
Iraq: Ayatollah Sistani says death to gays
Mussolini's grand daughter: “Fascists better than faggots”
Government minister to become first MP to have UK gay marriage
Gay banker sues HSBC for £5million
Pro gay Cambell prepares to lead UK Lib Dems
UK innkeeper threatens gay guests
MP says UK in no position to condemn anti-gay Middle East
Moscow mayor vetoes Gay Pride bid in Russia amid violent threats
UK Govt asks how many gays are in the village
Czech Republic president reluctant to sign same-sex partnership bill
UK's Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat leadership contender: “I’m bisexual”
Four jailed in gay killing trial
British Muslim Festival bans gay Muslims
UK: gay at home but not at work
Outrage at lack of respect for UK gay campaigner
Police force is Britain's most gay friendly employer
London gay serial killer plans Civil Union behind bars
Pope speaks out against abortion, gay relationships
Muslim Council of Britain – Holocaust homophobia
Paedophile is to hold first gay marriage in a British prison



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