Europe 2003 – 2005

Czech Republic takes first step toward legal gay marriage
Latvia blocks same-sex marriage with contitution
UK four guilty of gay killing
3.6 Million British gays – Govt audit claims
Terminally ill man has 1st gay wedding in UK
Belgian MPs back legalized gay adoption
Civil Partnerships 'welcome, but flawed' - UK must abolish 'sexual apartheid'
N Ireland councillor claims gays are 'abominable and filthy'
Vatican gay ban "bigoted and hypocritical"
Liberal Judaism launches gay marriage ceremonies in UK
UK gay marriage boom
UK court sees film of gay murder
Polish PM slinks in back door to avoid gay protest
Fines, arrests looming for Polish Gay Pride supporters
UK Council forced to overturn it's gay weddings ban
Anglican church's position on gay rights, evil say right wing Bishops
UK: girl filmed gay barman being kicked to death
British gays gain anti-discrimination rights but loose rights to gay only bars & clubs
Give gays full marriage rights says top UK woman judge
UK: Westminster council u-turn on rainbow flags ban
UK straight man in coma after gang thought he was gay
Gay Bishop says God called him
Gay bishop in talks with the Archbishop of Canterbury
UK gay shop worker claims he was treated as an animal after revealing he was HIV+
UK gay football stars are too scared to come out
Spain to hear gay marriage opposition
Police search Liverpool gay bar after drug illnesses
Church of Scotland backs gay adoption
Liverpool�s gay pride event kicks off
Bishop of London refuses to ban gay Bishop from church service
UK Govt hits back at claims gay couples will receive benefit & pensions cuts
Two arrested in London gay murder case
Tory leadership contender says impending marriage proves he's not gay
It�s got to be Cameron for the Tories to get the gay vote
Belgium: ex-wife serves as best woman at hubby�s gay wedding
Two men wanted for anti-gay London murder
UK gay banker to sue HSBC for �5m after dismissal
UK: 11 year olds selling gay sex as rent boys
Gay catholic priests to be allowed if they�re celibate
UK Tory leadership contender promises gay agenda
Iran sanctions state violence against gay people
Liverpool to back building of gay quarter
Tory spokesman condemns plans for gay army couples
Mayor of London compares anti-gay muslim to the pope
Isle of Man plans to reduce gay age of consent
Italian Health Minister condemns gay blood ban
Former bartender admits to torching of UK gay bar
Gay Muslim faces deportation to Iran from Britain
Gay cruising safe in North London – Police Chief promises
Iran executions: London protest
UK gay clergy to defy rules of celibacy
Scotland beats rest of UK to perform Legal Civil Unions
UK student receives life sentence for gay murder
Nobel Peace Laureate denounces Iranian executions of gay teenagers
UK terrorist threat does not hamper big gay out
Arrests at Latvia pride
Sexless marriages for UK gay vicars
Latvia pride is a go, court rules
Blair honours British lesbian rights activist
Spanish couple in the first legal same-sex marriage
Terrorist attack in London kills 37
Spain's gay marriage law hits first snag
UK's Outrage: Stop deporting gay asylum seekers
Spain legalizes gay marriage
Spain's senate rejects legalized same-sex marriage
France axes concerts by homophobic Jamaican reggae singer
German cycling champions become Gay Games ambassadors
Sicilian courts condemn suspention of gay man's license
New pope makes official his condemnation of gay marriage
Malcolm X - gay black hero?
Dutch laws to make gay adoption easier
Gay rights campaigners protest outside Saudi Arabian embassy
British election result good for gay rights
Pride London delighted by increase in mayor's support
Vatican condemnes Spain's bid for same-sex marriage The election of Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI
Netherlands gay divorce rate equal to heterosexuals
The Papacy of John Paul II
Pope opposed gay and women's rights
UK Equality Bill excludes gay rights
Rare disease found in gay men spreads to UK
Scottish cardinal says church won't ban gays from teaching
UK gays join anti-war protest
Beenie Man's UK concerts cancelled
Gay muslim takes on UK Deutsche Bank
Gay Algerian faces deportation after 10 years in UK
Can you help?
German zoo attempts to covert gay penguins
How do you get into Who�s Who?
Tatchell arrested in Holocaust Day asylum protest
Top UK gay-friendly bosses listed

UK police follow gay link lead in murder of colonel
Gay organization's stance concerning Presidential elections in Ukraine
Archbishop of Canterbury, warns against gay bashing
UK 'gay weddings' bill clears final hurdle
London's gay Muslim activist slams Mayor�s embrace of anti-gay cleric
Dublin Archbishop supports legal rights for gay couples
Lesbian activist, Fannyann Eddy remembered
Lesbian couple seeks to have case heard in Ireland
UK gay forum seeks community role
Tories demand gay rights for siblings
Teenagers charged with gay barman's murder
Tribute to man killed for being gay
Homosexuals 'had death threats from Croation defense ministry' Alan Hollinghurst wins Booker prize French gay TV station launched
Gay porn & Wonder Woman team up for french gay TV
Anglican commission upbraids US church and it's critics
Gay partnership bill moves step closer to passage in UK
Dutch lawmakers concerned by rejection of gay brochure
UK Greens call for gay marriage
Pope calls marriage and childbirth essential to civilization
New EU justice chief defends views on 'sinful' gays
Spain's govt adopts bill legalising gay marriage
Spain could become 3rd country to allow gay marriage
3rd Man charged with gay Thai masseur's murder in London
Spain could become 3rd country to allow gay marriage
3rd Man charged with gay Thai masseur's murder in London
Wonder Woman to launch France's 1st gay TV station
Music of black origin gets UK salute amid gay-bashing controversy
Spain's RC church slams gay marriage plans
Dutch gay couples win right to compete in ballroom dancing
France officially recognises 1st gay family
Prague gay party cancelled as American organiser goes bancrupt
Pope denounces effort to equate marriage with other lifestyles
French mayor refuses to perform gay wedding
Germany's convicted gay cannibal sells film, book rights
UK Anglican commission to draft report on gay controversy
Berlin remmbers Christopher Isherwood
Britain's Air Force to join gay pride festival
German govt boosts aid to nazi victims
Reggae star under police investigation
Danish PM to receive 'Salmon' prize at gay pride
300,000 throng Amsterdam streets for gay pride
Transsexual TV show winner sets sights on sex
Gay politicians in Germany quitting the closet
1000s take part in Stockholm gay pride march
Germany registers 6,000 gay couples under 2001 law
Court nullifies France's first gay marriage
Future open, says Austrian bishop as inquiry continues
German FDP head confirms homosexuality, calls for gay rights
Two thirds of Spaniards back gay marriage: poll
Spain's Catholic Church campaigns against gay marriage
Spanish Bishops reject govt moves on gay marriage
Resignation demanded of Austrian bishop in porn scandal
UK gay couples queue for civil partnership ceremonies
Director defends film based on German cannibal
German cannibal's story for the big screen
Tens of thousands celebrate gay pride across Europe
Elton John fund-raising concert for soccer team
Spain expects to approve gay marriage bill early 2005
British gay couple offended by double bed ban
700,000 join Paris gay pride march led by mayor Mamere
1000's of revelers parade for gay pride in Europe
Marriage for Spanish gays on statute books next year, minister says
French PM mulls commission to look at gay marriage
French cabinet approves bill outlawing homophobia
Spain stands firm on gay marriage plans despite Vatican
Pope condemns abortion, gay marriage plans in Spain
Swiss gays get partnership rights but no marriage
3rd gay pride march held in Croatia
French mayor suspended for conducting gay wedding
French prosecutor seeks to have gay wedding declared null
Europride draws 360,000 to Germany
Polish gays protest against parade ban
Survey shows 6 out of 10 Spaniards support gay marriage
First step to annul French marriage taken
First French gay marriage causes political uproar
French PM vows to punish mayor if gay marriage goes ahead
Spain grants asylum to South American gay
French demonstrators celebrate gay pride as mayor holds gay wedding
Germany proposes futher rights for gay couples
Majority of Poles oppose gay rights parade: survey
First French gay marriage causes political uproar
French gay marriage row intensifies
French prosecutor moves to block gay marriage
France's Catholic church objects to proposed gay marriage
Pope tells US bishops church needs to do more about marriage
UK gays attacked at Palestine rights protest
Oxford Union approves equal rights for gay partners
French opposition socialists rally behind gay marriage
Lesbians, gays visit Auschwitz, march in Krakow
French justice minister declares planned gay marriage void
Sweden's largest union becomes main gay pride sponsor
New Brtish sex offense law comes into effect
Sweden to consider gay marriage law
Gay soccer showcase for Copenhagen
Minister declares planned first French gay marriage 'null'
Irish law body backs legal rights for gay couples
UK unions lose case on faith and workers' equality rules
French gay marriage plan revives gay rights debate
WW2 homosexuals deported by nazis remembered in France
France close to first-ever gay marriage
Former archbishop issue warning about gay clergy
London opera company bans 'darling' as term of address
US TV network broadcasts pictures of dying Princess Diana
Gay Turks tearing down walls in Berlin
Uzbek authorities say jailed gay journalist will not be pardoned
Prince William makes waves in international water polo debut
Reaction to gay British clergyman's appointment
Gay British clergyman earns controversial promotion
Danish opposition proposes legalizing gay church weddings
Vatican slammed over anti-gay UN campaign
Moslem youths force Berlin HIV centre to re-locate
Berlin gets first gay old age home
Bush and Mubarak, a lovely couple, Ilga
Gay marriage old news in Netherlands and other nations
Elton John plans to marry gay partner
Swedish parliament takes steps towards gay marriages
Most Swedes favor legalising gay marriage: poll
Pope says same-sex unions degrade marriage
Archbishop: passions abating in England over gay bishop
Restricted gay marriages stir few European emotions
Pope calls for support of the family as union of man and woman
Polish catholic church opposes draft legislation
Surprise Dutch deportations fallout from Fortuyn assassination
"Love is one" say Polish gays
UK transsexuals may marry, conditionally
Tough Italian fertility treatment bill slammed
German cannibal had 'Hansel and Gretel' fix, lived next to witch
Sweden allows gay adoptions, but foreign agencies balk
German cannibal: 'I've had the kick of a lifeltime'
Washington, Vatican allies in opposition to gay marriages
German cannibal tells court he gave victim a 'nice death'
Gay German kidnap suspects go to high court
Croatia's coach doesn't want gays in his team
Cannibal is 'mentally sound', court hears
Cannibal could kill again, expert tells German court
Pope calls church divisions 'painful'
German cannibal had over 200 'applicants', court told
German cannibal's dad unaware of son's 'Hansel & Gretel' obsession
Catholic audit raises complex issues of how to supervise pedo priests
Lawyers for late preacher appeal his conviction for displaying anti-gay sign
German cannibal victim offered money for penis bite
Paris mayor's attacker unfit to stand trial
Danish PM prefers religious weddings for gays - church must decide
Gay marriages issue sparks row in Spain
British activist seeks Mugabe's arrest

UK transsexuals get the right to marry in new gender
Taiwanese transsexual convict causes confusion in prison
German cannibal says victim wanted to be killed
Gay teens win right to dance at high graduations in Sweden
Gaultier offers men perfect clothes, skin for summer
At 46, tennis great Navratilova still feels young
Pope attacks global gay marriages trend
Belgium braces for gay adoption debate
Uzbek authorities say jailed gay journalist will not be pardoned
Dutch churches merger will permit gay marriages
Italian senate passes controversial fertility bill
British 'Combat 18' neo-nazis active in Poland
UK transsexuals get the right to marry in new gender
German cannibal says victim wanted to be killed
Vatican, Anglicans break up talks over gays dispute
Gay teens win right to dance at high graduations in Sweden
UK citizen gets permanent visa in Brazil on gay relationshipS
Peter Tatchell announces creation of armed movement to oust Mugabe
Despite polls on the horizon, Blair forges ahead with tough reforms
Russian Orthodox Church suspends ties with Anglicans over gay bishop
Peter Tatchell announces creation of armed movement to oust Mugabe
German lawmakers approve memorial for gay victims of Nazis
Greek gays to stage public kiss to protest TV fine
London nights take in Hindi Electronica, Latin House or Japanese Bible
Ibiza, an island with more than one face
Royal aide questions sexuality of Prince Charles, report
Bright lights, big bity - 'gay Paree' lives on
Over 100 gay weddings in Belgium since June
Former Archbishop of Canterbury says gay bishop damage 'incalculable'
Blair comsfortable with gay clergy but says church must decide
Anglican Archbishop names conservatives, liberals to gay commission
Ruling Polish party wants to legalise gay unions
Ruling party wants to legalise gay unions
Top Anglican says "no" to consecration of gay bishop
Anglican leaders call for commission on homosexuality
First adoptions by Swedish gay couples recognised
Russian Orthodox church defrocks priest over gay wedding
A million enjoy all-night arts party in Paris



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