Australasia 2003 – 2005

HIV+ Australian man sentenced for transmitting virus
Australian MP to step down following gay affair
Gay blood donor ban under attack in Australia
Gymnast is first Gay Games ambassador from Australia
New Zealand eliminates unequal immigration rules Oz: man admits to killing gay lover's family, pleads not guilty
Detective exposes inept research into 16-year-old Oz gay murder case
Australian gay activist honoured

Australian man jailed for 13 years over gay bashing
New Zealand passes law giving marriage rights to gay couples
Australian gay protesters kiss for rights
Australian apology order for gay gibes on radio
Australian Anglican's disown attack on spiritual head
Australia's Anglican's 'no' to gay relationships, ordination
NZ Prresbyterian church votes to ban gay leaders
Australia bans same sex marriage
Australia PM steps up campaign to stop gay marriages
New Zealand govt minister plans gay civil union wedding
Gay marriage not for New Zealand says premier
Australia govt angry over kids' TV show
Australian govt moves to ban gay marriage
Former 'father of the year' jailed for child sex abuse
Australia to ban gay marriages
NZ tug-of-love boy gets three parents
13-year-old Australian girl to have sex change
Weather dampens Australian gay mardi gras
Australian PM condems move to allow gay adoptions
New Zealand broadcaster apologises for anti-gay outburst
Cardinal's lesbian cousin to lead Australia's gay mardi gras
Australian churchman urges reality check on homosexuality

Australian gay couple win court appeal to avoid deportation
Oz pedo priest sentenced to jail for litany of sexual abuse
Homophobic Sydney archbishop says Jesus likely refused entry to Australia
Oz pedo priest sentenced to jail for litany od sexual abuse
Sydney archbishop warns Anglicans again about split over gays
Sydney archboshop brands gay US church leader a 'disgusting bishop'
Australia's worst serial killers jailed for life
Australian Anglican archbisop wants church to expel liberal Americans



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