Asia & Middle East

Updated: January 2008

Iran executes 21-year-old accused of gay sex as a teen
Singapore OKs anal, oral sex for straights, not for gays
Singapore celebrities create compelling PSA to end gay ban
Iranian president sparks outrage with Columbia university speech
Hotels in China told to provide condoms
Medical report reveals Yasir Arafat died of AIDS
Hong Kong: Court rules public gay sodomy not criminal
Man armed with bomb detained at Jerusalem Gay Pride
Japan’s first lesbian politician gets married
Tel Aviv Gay Pride draws thousands
Israeli police give ‘OK’ to Gay Pride parade in Jerusalem
Call on Iran to end arrests on immorality charges
Orthodox Jews protesting Jerusalem Gay Pride Parade suspected In bombing
Philippines: Police Chief warns gay cops 'don't sway hips'
Israel: Palestinian lesbian conference draws fire from Islamic conservatives
World Cricket Cup championships kick off in Jamaica
First same-sex marriage protest in China
Israel records same-sex marriage for the first time
Hubbub over Hong Kong same-sex marriage show
Japanese transsexual parent denied right to change sex in registry
Malaysian ex-PM: Gays should not lead mostly muslim nation

Iraq – death squads execute gays
Indian lesbian couple gets marriage blessing from Tribe
Gay Iranian publicly hanged on sodomy charge
More violence erupts over Jerusalem Gay Pride event
Gay Parade opposition in Jerusalem won't compromise
Threat of violence looms as Jerusalem's Gay Pride event approaches
Cameroon violates human rights laws by detaining gay men
Fiji coalition demands amendment to sexual orientation law
Japanese city waters down rights protection for gays
Jerusalem officials agree on date for Gay Pride parade
Indian cultural leaders unite against 'archaic' gay sex law
India's openly gay prince to adopt a child
Survey shows Indian leaders misinformed about HIV/AIDS
Beijing Health Office offers online forum for Chinese gays
Sex taboos put Chinese gays more at risk for HIV/AIDS
India unites village leaders in major HIV/AIDS offensive
Iran – 10 Arabs face execution
First political gay group founded in Helsinki
WorldPride in Jerusalem cancelled
Religious groups join in opposition to Jerusalem gay pride parade
Indian prince disowned after coming out
Gay Czechs say 'I do'
Outrage!: Don't boycott World Pride in Jerusalem
East Asian gays and lesbian emerging from the shandows
Scholars analyze plan by Korea to re-visit military gay ban
Chinese salesman jailed for organizing gay orgies
All eyes on Jerusalem as LGBT and allied groups prepare for WorldPride 2006
Iraqi teen shot: killed by police for being gay
Wreath laid for GLBT community at Yad Vashem on Israel Holocaust Remembrance Day
New name and date for Bangkok Pride
Kabbalah preacher blames gay marriage for bird flu
Arab men given five years for homosexuality
Saddam calls trial judges homosexuals
Jerusalem Pride stabber convicted of attempted murder



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