Updated: June 2008

Pregnant man Thomas Beattie gives birth
One million plus attend NYC Gay Pride Parade
Bio details gay sex, incest in Hugh Hefner's past
California celebrates gay marriage
Del Martin and Phyllis Lyons 1st gay couple to wed in California… again
New York to recognize out of state same-sex marriages
Conservative gay porn star slams Barack Obama
Ellen Degeneres grills John McCain on gay marriage
Donkey jailed in Mexico on assault and battery charges
California Assembly passes bill to honour Harvey Milk
Chelsea Clinton's gay bar crawl campaigning
Catholics to demonstrate during Pope's US visit
Bloggers weigh in on transgendered pregnant man
Gay Episcopal bishop Gene Robinson steps out of Anglican Conference
Could Cuba allow same-sex unions before the US?
Microsoft founding employee leaves $65M to gay organizations
Lukas Ridgeston to tour South Africa
Mr Gay Ph.D, or Mr. Gay Porn Star revisited
Gay men in Jamaica attacked by mob
Canada bans gay men from donating vital organs
Tennis legend Martina Navratilova becomes Fitness Ambassador for AARP
American school denies transgender student use of men's locker room

US Episcopal diocese splits from Church over gay support
Toyota threatens legal action over gay porn star named Lexus
Philadelphia Mayor to lead gay wedding
American Baptist convention votes to expel church for welcoming LGBT congregants
Canada’s New Democratic Party marks 40 years of fighting for LGBT rights
One third of US high school football players nay play for both teams
Latin America's first 5-star 'gay hotel'
San Francisco man named US Mr. Gay
Gay rights groups fuming over Obama
US Senate candidate says he's gay
Philadelphia Officials Raise Rent for Anti-Gay Boy Scouts
Canadian Anglicans support same-sex marriages
Schwarzenegger vetoes gay marriage legislation
Is the White House financing anti-gay groups in Africa?
Gay couples in Colombia granted health benefits
Judge allows gay porn evidence in case against US naval doctor
Argentinean soccer team takes home Gay World Cup title on home field
Passage of historic US Hate Crimes Act hailed, Bush veto feared
Episcopalians halt gay ordinations to prevent Anglican split
Episcopalians consider split over gay bishops
100s Rally to urge Schwarzenegger to sign California Gay Marriage Bill
Gay Games Chicago releases commemorative photo album
Truth Wins Out warns of new 'ex-gay' study
Gay Soccer World Championships kick off in Argentina
More gay rights groups urge Schwarzenegger to sign marriage equality bil
Schwarzenegger expected to veto California's 'gender-neutral' marriage bill
Idaho Senator to withdraw guilty plea in gay sex sting
Studies show 2nd hand smoke leads to cancer in pets
Lesbian priest may be named Chicago bishop
US black churches conflicted over gays
Costa Rica Lifts Ban on Gay Blood Donations
US Lutherans halt defrocking of gay ministers in relationships
Vancouver Pride 2007 most successful to date
Gay bishop endorses Barack Obama, provokes protest
Chicago celebrates anniversary of Gay Games VII
Mexico City: Gay inmates granted conjugal visits
San Francisco queer group headed for Cuba
Tammy Faye Messner dies at 65
Bush's Surgeon General nominee 'deeply troubled' by anti-gay bias claims
US Lutheran church fires gay Atlanta pastor
US: Former leaders of 'ex-gay' movement issue public apology
Barack Obama says 'Christian leaders too eager to exploit what divides us'
US: Report suggests Pace departure linked to comments on gays
New Hampshire Gov signs civil unions bill into law
Vermont Gov signs non-discrimination bill into law
Mary Cheney welcomes baby boy
Mass. judge validates over 170 New York gay marriages
California prisons permitting visitation for domestic partners
Former American President Carter calls on Congress to revisit 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
US anti-gay activist Jerry Falwell dead at 73
Transgender advocate elected as president of San Francisco Police Commission
US: Florida airport worker fired for playing anti-gay bible verse
US Navy re-enlists gay sailor
US: Gay Republicans favour Giuliani for President
Is the Priesthood next for gay US ex-governor McGreevey?
Bermuda responds to R Family Vacations cancellation
Washington Gov signs domestic partnership law
R Family Vacations avoiding Bermuda due to protest concerns
Philadelphia welcomes new 'gaybourhood'
Fired Largo, Florida City Manager won't file lawsuit
Human Rights Watch calls on Nepal to end anti-gay violence
American radio station drops host
Disney opens up weddings to same-sex couples
Gay porn past catches up to Major marine letdown Matt Sanchez
Experts create global standards for sexual rights and gender equality
US Rabbinical schools vote to accept gays and lesbians
New Jersey: Ex-Gov McGreevey's estranged wife didn't know about gay affair
US: Staten Island elects 1st openly gay official
Mexico City weds 1st gay couples under new civil union law
US retired officers 'come out' demand apology from Gen Pace
US military chief’s anti-gay remarks suggest gay ban lacks rationale
American General's remarks about gay personnel condemned
Harvey Milk sculpture set for San Francisco city hall
Hilary Clinton tells gay leaders she'll oppose 'don't ask, don't tell'
Utah priest drops mass for gay catholics
NCLR to represent transgender city manager
Florida gay air force Capt accused of rape found guilty
Florida city manager fired after confirming sex change surgery plan
SF Mayor's office criticized for proclaming 'gay porn day'
1st US soldier to be wounded in Iraq war comes out
Suze Orman out, proud, financially responsible lesbian
Former US Baptist leader tried for soliciting gay sex
US lawyer says men cried rape to hide being gay in military
Florida: Largo City manager announces sex change plan
World Wildlife Fund helps couples create environmentally-friendly weddings
California: Gov. Schwarzenegger says he won't sign same-sex marriage bill
San Francisco: Newsom marks 3rd anniversary of same-sex marriage
Columbia same-sex couples win right to share property
US Lutheran church second-guessing ban on gay clergy
Counselor says Ted Haggard is now 'completely heterosexual'
Snickers yanks gay kiss ad without saying sorry
HIV+ Canadian footballer charged with sexual assault
Mexico: Congressman brings transexual rights to the table
3% of UK lesbians and gays intend to adopt in next 5 years
Pro-gay Episcopal diocese battles estranged parishes to keep property
Same-sex marriage makes Canada a hot tourist spot for gay couples
Gay minister faces defrocking for having life partner
Grey's Isaiah Washington issues lengthy apology for anti-gay comment
Vermont court orders lesbian to pay child support to ex-partner
Arizona: Catholic priest leaves priesthood over church's anti-gay stance
Northern state of Coahuila, Mexico approves same-sex partnerships
Canadian lesbian inmates tie knot

United Nations recognizes LGBT groups
Gay sex scandal forces 2nd Colorado preacher off pulpit
Outgames files for bankrupty protection
Gay couple tie the knot in Peru's first same-sex wedding
US Conservative Judaism rules for same-sex unions, gay ordination
Chicago Gay Games releases Commemorative DVD
US Vice President Cheney's daughter pregnant
Canada puts gay marriage back on the table
American gay porn star says he killed business man 'for nothing'
Outgames suffers major deficit
Massachusetts Gov takes lawmakers to court over gay marriage
Revised US military document suggests homosexuality is a defect
Mexico City conservatives call newly legal gay civil unions "aberrant"
Gay porn star arrested in slaying of Denver business man
US gay Catholics say new guidelines 'contorted and flawed'
Ministry guidlines for US gay Catholics awaits blessing from bishops
Mexico City assembly approves same-sex civil unions amid protests
USA election '06 – aftermath
Gay rights group urges compassion for Ted Haggard
Closeted gay men lead US radical right?
Hollywood psychiatrist weighs in on Rev Ted Haggard scandal  Canadians say refusing to marry gays ok if against religion
Bush bashes gay marriage on the road
Israeli wins International Mr. Gay Competition 2007
US Catholic bishops announce new gay guidelines
US Boy Scouts lose another legal battle for excluding gays
Massachusetts gov rallies evangelicals against gay marriage
Texas has largest amount of gay families with children
Southern California gay couple loses Supreme court marriage battle
US national Coming Out Day
Seven out of ten US heterosexuals today know someone gay
Advocates vow to appeal anti-gay marriage ruling in California
Gay marriage ban upheld by California High Court
Gay Games committee holds annual conference
Canadian archbishop suspended for lesbian wedding
Canada considers revisiting gay marriage debate
US Presbyterian minister could face penalties for marrying lesbian couple
Gay former NJ governor to break silence on 'Oprah'
Ban on gays in US conservative Judaism expected to be lifted
Schwarzenegger ensures Californian GLBT protection
Argentina to repeal ban on gays in military
Washington gays ask court to reconsider gay marriage ban
US women-only event organizers ban transgender women from attending
Doc says suspect in JonBenet Ramsey murder planned sex-change
US Tennis Association to rename tennis centre 'Billie Jean King'
New Mexico gay man badly beaten
Clinton and Gates tag team AIDS Conference
Washington court rules in favour of gay marriage ban
Anti-gay marriage amendment defeated in U.S. House
Gay pastor in US faces dismissal for having boyfriend
Washington moves to abolish state funded sex re-assignment ops
World Outgames Montreal closes and looks to Copenhagen '09
Participants outnumber spectators at Outgames
The 1st world Outgames start this weekend in Montreal
Powerlifter wins 4 gold medals at Gay Games
US lesbian couple sues doctors for harm to their relationship
Oprah, Gayle 'not gay'
Chicago Mayor welcomes Gay Games, supports gay rights
Anti-gay group protests Gay Games at Chicago bathhouse
US senate: Gay marriages stay
Top US courts rule against same sex marriage
US Episcopal body sends mixed message on gay issues
Lawmakers, professional groups dispute Pentagon document calling gays mentally ill
ACLU challenges ban on gay foster parents in Arkansas
Hawaii Youth Correctional Facility to pay for harassment of GLBT youth
Homosexuality no sin - bishop
Canada sends an open 'Wedding Invitation' to gay and lesbian couples
Senator Kennedy, Representative Lewis and other civil rights leaders reject Federal Marriage Amendment
UCC leader speaks out against Federal Marriage Amendment
NGLTF rejects Bush's push for Federal Marriage Amendment
Bush backs gay marriage ban despite increasing lack of support
Bush voices support of amendment banning gay marriage
Buenos Aires to build 5 star gay hotel
US clergy members unite to oppose same-sex marriage ban
Utah court rules against anti-gay amendment
US Federal Court strikes down Oklahoma’s antigay adoption law
Former New Jersey Gov describes gay trysts in memoir
Lawsuit progresses against Penn state women’s basketball coach
US: Georgia judge strikes down gay marriage ban
Laura Bush advises against using gay marriage as political strategy
NCLR Settles Suit on Behalf of Gay Ice Skaters
Official schedule of the 1st World Outgames Montréal announced
US Methodist church says OK to deny gay man membership
Gay Games executive director fired
Miami mother abducted son because father is gay
West Hollywood city council supports Tweakers
Gay first season Survivor winner sentencing delayed
Lesbian partners deserve better than to be 'wives'
Gays coming out of the broom closet in Salem, Massachusetts
Dalai Lama expresses support for LGBT human rights
Falwell loses in Supreme court gay web site appeal
US Gov Romney offers temporary reprieve to Catholic Charities
New York poll shows voters support gay marriage
Two CBS news producers victims of gay bashing in Caribbean
Wal-Mart won’t quit on Brokeback
US prison officer disciplined for showing Brokeback to inmates
Visualizing Success: Olympic Diver Greg Louganis
Website courts controversy with gay Jesus on the cross
US Episcopal Bishops would oppose secretly homosexual agenda
Straight couple launches project for marriage equality with Canadian wedding
US gay activists confront Democratic senators
Married gay Mormon threatened with excommunication
New York jury finds gay basher guilty
Scouting for All calls for investigation of the Boy Scouts
Gymnastics coach banned from catholic school for gay porn past
Contestants from 8 nations added to the 2007 international Mr. Gay competition
US Red Cross recommends lift to gay blood donation ban
Corporate America taking notice of GLBT market
AOL launches GLBT music channel
White House gay security clearance causes stir among Democrats
Bathhouse coalition files suit with Los Angeles county
US anti-gay groups reinstate Ford boycott
Gay adoption causes latest rift in catholic church
Falwell bans Virginia activist group from university
Maryland republican threatens impeachment of pro gay rights judge
Maryland College names lesbian homecoming king
HRC President: US supreme court allows military to circumvent non-discrimination measures
Google may face legal action over Ashley Cole searches
Not having children…the new cardinal sin in gayworld
ACLU urges NY's high court to end unfairness against gay couples in marriage
Army recommends discharge for US troops involved in gay sex tape
Clint Eastwood’s son at center of gay affair claims
Christian t-shirt slams Brokeback Mountain
Gay candidates vie for California bishop opening
Gay adoption next big hurdle says US media analysts
Openly gay Anglican bishop enters rehab for alcoholism
James Bond director arrested for prostitution Gay activist upset with Hillary Clinton’s gay marriage stand
Civil rights activist Coretta Scott King dies at 78
US first-ever study of LGBT-affirming religious organizations released
US: Maryland marriage ruling a major step for families
Family Pride organizes GLBT families for White House egg roll event
US: Virginia rejects birth certificate ban for gay parents
U.S. votes with Zimbabwe against 2 gay groups at UN
Stonewall Democrats criticize Ehrlich election year ploy
US: Colorado marriage ban won’t eliminate all gay rights
US Christian school claims it has constitutional right to ban gays



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