Americas 2003 - 2005

Gay Group call Ford Motor's actions shameful
Appellate Court reverses gay marriage rights in New York
Schwarzenegger appoints lesbian chief of staff
SF Mayor Gavin Newsom withdraws from anti-gay congressman fundraiser
Gay and Lesbian Catholics 'Everything & nothing..'
Canada’s Parti Quebecois gets openly gay leader
Germany wins bid for 2010 Gay Games
Texas says yes to gay marriage ban; Maine says no
US nurse found guilty of dismembering gay men
'Gay' reference to men and women out of fashion?
Washington Supreme Court to provide full equality to children of same-sex couples
Host city of 2010 Gay Games to be announced from Chicago
Openly gay US minister faces judicial council
'Gay soldiers fighting and dying in Iraq, too' SLDN says
US: adoption agency reaches settlement with ACLU
Gay US teacher booted from classroom, sues
Gay activist denied speaking role at Millions More Movement
Long Island teens arrested for hate crime related robberies
Black gays submit list of speakers for Million More March
US's Mr Gay captures title of 1st ever Mr. Gay 2006 international title
Pressure mounts for Schwarzenegger to sign gay marriage bill
Salt Lake City domestic partner benefits plan hits snag
Schwarzenegger aides to meet with gay rights groups
Schwarzenegger rejects gay marriage plans
California OK’s gay marriage; all eyes on Schwarzenegger
Mass. Gov. Romney Pushing for ’08 Marriage Poll
California senate passes bill to approve gay marriage
Canadian christian school expels girl for having lesbian parents
Gay Bishop says church may split
US prison officials accused of ignoring gay inmate’s pleas for protection
New York’s gay penguins call it quits after 6 years
Transgendered hurricane survivor released after 6 days jail
Black gay leaders confer with Farrakhan on Millions More event
Quebec bodies identified as missing American gay dancers
Christian group blames Katrina on gays, exhibitionists
Farrakhan invites black gay group to rally
US: Dismissal of gay Lutheran teacher upheld
DC Comics up in arms over gay Batman art
Breast voyeur
Good date, bad date, was that a date?
California Senate passes resolution calling for repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
Gay rights advocate Coretta Scott King suffers stroke
Toronto launches effort to assist LGBT elderly patients
Atlanta becoming prime destination for US black gays
Push to end gay adoption in Kansas left off agenda
US court grants Mexican AIDS patient asylum
Butch Camping Tips
US Supreme court nominee Roberts helped win gay case
US service members 'outed' online discharged
California court rules domestic partners entitled to club benefits
Grrls in Toyland
Transgendered woman dead after illegal 'pumping' party
US: Falwell backs 'reorientation therapy' for gay teens
Canadians warned of same-sex marriage laws
US blogging teen in ex-gay program scheduled for release
UK gay muslim wins asylum case appeal
US group seeks to reverse custody restriction over HIV+ aunt
Former gay porn actor hangs himself in Colorado jail
US: Georgia puts man to death for murder of gay lover
Suspected US arson linked to anti-gay backlash
British bisexual women 'pressured' to be lesbians
Suspected US arson linked to anti-gay backlash
US: Virginia indie candidate supports gay adoption
California AG seeks ruling on gay marriage cases
Gay Republican 1st to drop bid to unseat Hillary Clinton
Mainstream US church becomes 1st to support gay marriage
Canada approves same-sex marriage, cements liberal image
Canada defined as a gay-friendly destination
US group rewards info leading to gay murder conviction
Local US govts eye e-mail service for HIV notification
US Episcopal church backs gay clergy, looks for support
Fear of discrimination keeps gay patients in closet
Gay dad gets his day in Maryland court
Transsexual dad retains parental rights in historic settlement agreement
Maryland, US activists praised for statewide hate crime law
Volvo to sponsor family pride's Family Week in Provincetown
US army discharges gay soldier wounded in Iraq
Gay Amazing Race partners get hitched in Canada
US lesbians win co-parenting rights on birth certificate
US mayor apologizes for gay sex scandal, but won't resign
Political Science – gay sperm
US psychiatrists come forward in support of gay marriage
Attacks against US gay mayoral hopeful backfire
Canada's liberal govt in danger of dissolution
Kraft Foods under attack for sponsoring Gay Games
US Court of Appeals judge nomination chills gay rights activists
Lesbian foster mother takes on Missouri, backed by ACLU
US mayor denies molestation accusations; admits to gay relationships
Day of Prayer to end homophobia
Gay Games adopts new anti-doping policy
Massachusetts' courts hear bid to halt gay marriage
Pentagon recommends repeal of consensual sodomy statute
Oregon Supreme Court votes to toss marriage licenses
Outgoing Kansas mayor announces he's gay
Rudolph pleads guilty to Atlanta Olympics, gay bar bombing
Clinton attacks gay republican opponent of his wife
'Queering' Terri Schiavo
US Republican urges end to 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
US senotor Feinstein awarded mock 'Pink Brick'
Why we need to love one another and stop acting like asses
Decorated US gay soldier likely to be discharged
Appeal arguements Tuesday in Maryland US gay custody case
LPGA star Rosie Jones re-signs successful Olivia Travel endorsement
US: GLSEN breaks silence with launch of Teach Respect campaign
ACLU petitions for 5 students to join religious group
Columnist bashes homophobic Colorado state Rep
The Papacy of John Paul II
Mary Cheney hits back with memoir
US lesbian mom, daughter reunited in Lamda legal victory
Anti-gay evangelist Falwell in critical condition
Pope opposed gay and women's rights
Chicago courts gays in anticipation of Gay Games
Why gays should care about Terri Schiavo
US: Maine Senate passes gay rights bill by wide margin
US Bishop apologizes for barring funeral of gay nightclub owner
Gay muslim takes on UK Deutsche Bank
Federation of Gay Games – 2010 site selection process continues
Governor Schwarzenegger reiterates opposition to discrimination
US man accused of slipping date rape drug to other men
Anti-gay Phelps to protest church sponsored 'Laramie Project'
Washington Court to hear oral arguments in case seeking gay marriage equalityt
Farrakhan endorses gay and women participants at 10th anniversary Million Man March
Gay unions win support in Connecticut
Straight celebrities support gay and lesbian relatives
Canadian PM urges Canadians to support gay marriage
Dave Kopay joins Gay Games ambassadors
Gay rights group hails passage of Washington anti-discrimination bill
US Republican Keyes' daughter openly gay and fighting
Transvestite pleads guilty to silicone pumping death
'Frisco's mayor blasts Democrats over same-sex marriage
2,000 Registered for Chicago Gay Games
New England gay paper receives press accolades
Muslim Canadian Congress endorses same-sex marriage legislation
GLMA corrects Bush on same-sex parenting
US: Missouri to legalize discrimination against GLBT community
GLMA decries US PBS ban of kid's show featuring gay mothers
The plight of US rural lesbians
Sydney New Mardi Gras and Gay Games Chicago announce partnership
Canadian military approves on base same-sex unions
Conservative US Right goes after SpongeBob
Pentagon confirms report of planned gay conversion chemical weapon
Opponents of Kansas anti-gay discrimination ordinance forcing it to a vote
Arkansas judge OKs foster care by gay parents

Canadian civic officials won't be forced to perform gay marriages
US Equality Forum salutes Canadian Supreme court
US United Methodist Church finds lesbian minister guilty
US wedding documents from town that performed gay marriages rejected by feds
Gay marriage is not to blame
Bush seeks to ban gay marriage
Gay marriage: Did issue help re-elect Bush?
The Jamaica gay debate – more heat than light
Ways gays can stay healthy during anti-gay campaigns
Gay rights, stem cell groups court McGreevey as term ticks down
Honduran congress votes to bar gay marriage
Report: no sign US gay Gov.was being blackmailed
Gay bishop row: 'I'd do it again' says head of US church
New Hampshire Episcopal diocese regrets 'pain & confusion'
Cheney: Kerry comment on gay daughter 'offensive'
Bush voices support for same-sex civil unions
Mormon church specifies position on gay marriage amendment
Church report Monday could affect 77 million Anglicans
Republicans attack Kerry for invoking Cheney's lesbian daughter
Kerry, Bush diisagree on abortion rights, oppose gay marriage
US pro gay Republicans file lawsuit over "don't ask, don't tell'
Louisiana judge throws out amendment banning gay marriages
Gay activist killed in Sierra Leone
US Supreme Court asked to rule on homosexuals' right to adopt
US gay-marriage ban fails in Rep led House
Uruguay soccer coach apologises for gay outburst
Louisiana voters approve amendment against same-sex marriage
US gay students offered special college scholarships
Ontario court ruling approves 1st gay divorce
Gay group withholds endorsement of Bush over gay marriage
Poll shows most US religious groups oppose gay marriage
2nd Washington county judge rules state ban on gay marriage unconstitutional
Gay marriage splits unity-seeking republicans
Religious leaders criticize Honduran govt for recognizing gay groups
Keyes says Mary Cheyney is a sinner
Angry gay republicans accuse Bush of selling out to 'radical right'
Cheney under fire over gay-marriage
US republican's push for hard line on gay-marriage and abortion
Majority of Americans want religious president: poll
Out-of-sate couples to appeal 1913 Massachsetts ruling
Heroics: Carrying a Torch for Gay Olympians
Man linked to NJ gov's resignation denies 2nd affair
Transsexuals at the Olympics - the great mystery
Openly gay and lesbian athletes remain rare at Olympics
NJ gay-sex-storm Israeli arrives back home
UN agency concerned over Nepal arrest of gay rights campaigners
Man at center of NJ gov's resignation says he's straight
Couples unsure of benefits after same-sex marriages nullified
California Supreme Court voids gay marriages in San Francisco
New Jersey Governor resigns
Demand: Nepal must release gay, transgender rights activists
The Homo Scale
Court rules Washington state ban on gay marriage unconstitutional
Missouri voters approve gay marriage ban
Man pleads innocent to spreading manure at Arkansas gay pride
Florida church choir director fired over pro-gay newspaper column
Lesbian Methodist pastor faces church trial in Pennsylvania
Missouri first state to vote on gay marriage ban
Overexposed: Hungarian Olympian Banned for Porn Past
Our Love Is Here to Stay
Striders: Front Runners' Historic Path
Newly married Mass. gay man has trouble getting passport
House to strip federal courts of jurisdiction over gay marriage
Federal appeals court upholds Florida's gay adoption ban
First gay marriage, now divorce request in Canada
US House of Rep's to vote on Federal courts and gay marriage
Gay cruise meets protest in Bahamas
Democrats: Schwarzenegger's comments sexist, homophobic
Kicks: Gay Soccer's World Cup Runneth Over
After Senate loss, US gay marriage opponents to try House bill
Canada's Yukon Territory won't challenge gay marriage ruling
US Senate blocks gay marriage vote
Brazil gays to fight subsidized heterosexuality
US gay couples argue that law is discriminatory
Gay Games VII registration now open
US Presyterians reject gay ordination
Republicans try to save face as gay marriage ban doomed to fail
Gay Games VII registration now open
Bush urges constitutional ban on gay marriage
US man jailed for attempted arson of gay bars, abortion clinics
ACLU files for right of gays to marry in Baltimore
Yoko Ono takes gay marriage fight to dance clubs
Another US state poised to put gay-marriage ban to the vote
Michigan gay marriage opponents target Nov ballot for amendment
Gay activists protest Anti-gay marriage law in Virginia, US
US Presbyterian conservatives say church could splinter
Appeals court rejects attempt to stop Massachusetts gay marriages
American Prebyterian church approves gay ordination
Homosexuality still a crime in 70 countries: Amnesty International Pride parade in Arkansas town goes on despite protests
US mayors set aside resolution on federal gay marriage ban
San Francisco gay pride parade now features married couples
Gays march and dance in Rio's pride parade
A million watch Toronto's gay pride parade
New Hampshire congregation worship seperately after schism over gay bishop
Quite a Racquet: Gay Tennis Tournaments Open Up the Courts
US serial bombing suspect to be tried in Birmingham, Alabama
Massachusetts Governor urges constitutional ban on gay marriage
NY town continues gay marriages after mayor cleared
US military discharged under 'don't ask, don't tell'
Internet ads go after Mary Cheney for hypocrisy
San Francisco's gay wedding march inspires documentarians
Month after gay marriage, lull before further challenges
US Southern Baptists back gay marriage ban
US Senate votes to extend hate crime protections to gays
White House mum on Bush's reported political appeal to Vatican
Thousands turn out for Brazilian gay pride
Activists urge boycott of Virginia
California gay marriage showdown set for San Francisco court
Report: Canadian gays and govt in court over back pension benefits
US military doesn't take anti-gay violence seriously: report
Ordinary People
Despite accolades, late Reagan's legacy troubles many
Fired American sues, claiming discrimination
Report: Anglican archbishops call for Canada's expulsion
Massachusetts conservatives seek end to gay marriage
US gays strike discordant note over Reagan's death
Canadian Anglicans mark 'sanctity' of gay relationships
Chilean groups decry ruling on lesbian mother
Canada's Anglicans now face same-sex showdown
Canada's Anglicans pick a liberal leader
Wheel Life: Cyclists Keep Riding for AIDS
Provincetown, Massachusetts backs down over non-residents
Arizona Supreme Court lets stand gay marriage ban ruling
Massachusetts: 3 towns stop licenses to non-residents
US's MTV to start gay and lesbian channel in 2005
Denver Archbishop: denying communion is for 'extraordinary cases'
California Supreme Court weighs gay marriage
New Virginia law alarms gays
US religious gay rights gather momentum this week
US gay marriage: after 3 day wait, marathon begins
Massachusetts gay marriage focus on non-residents
Canada recognizes gay marriage in immigration applications
Massachusetts: over 1,000 gay couples sought marriage licenses
US gay marriage opponents hope for election day backlash
Massachusetts ushers in gay marriage
Bush calls anew for gay marriage ban
Massachusetts first state to legalize gay marriage
US Catholics told support anti-gay candidates or lose communion
US Baptists criticize company hosting 'gay days' cruise
Couples gather as Massachusetts prepares for gay weddings
Boston backs Governor on out-of-state gay marriage
Gay marriage: judge denies 11th hour bid
John Kerry pledges support for LGBT Americans
Gays more likely to use internet for news: American survey
More trouble for American Catholic bishops
Massachusetts conservatives plead to block gay marriage
Massachusetts town defies Governor over gay marriage
Last-gasp court challenge to gay marriage in Massachusetts
San Fransisco bishop sanctioned after gay marriage
California anti-gay marriage senator dies
Priest at centre of Boston clergy abuse scandal defrocked
US Methodists affirm opposition to homosexuality
Kansas lawmakers kill proposed referendum on gay marriage ban
Massachusetts warns: non-residents' gay marriages will be void
Texan barge flips as partygoers spy on nudists
US Presbyterian church rules law doesn't ban gay marriage
US Methodist court considers lesbian pastor
Top US methodist court says homosexuality is wrong
US priest who provided help for sex abuse victims fired
US employers cutting 'domestic partner' benefits
Some US straight couples choose 'domestic partnerships'
Lawmakers ask Mass. high court to vacate marriage decision
US Methodists to discuss verdict in lesbian minister's trial
NY cops nab gay couple after tree-top tryst
Texan jury finds Lutheran synod negligent in case of abused boys
Judge halts gay marriages in Oregon
Tales of harassment led to California discrimination law
Keeping an F-B-Eye on Dissent
Massachusetts Governor seeks to delay gay marriages
Canada's first gay MP admits theft, takes sick leave
US merchants rethink marketing for same -sex weddings
Gay couple deprived of marriage in US plans Canadian wedding
Defiant New Mexico county clerk at heart of gay marriage debate
American poll: most oppose gay marriage but support other rights
I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright wins Pulitzer Prize
Massachusetts University survey finds divide over gay marriage
Billie Jean King becomes Gay Games ambassador
Muslim and Africans want Annan to reverse same-sex benefits
Annan faces outrage over gay family ruling
California school fails transgender students
NY student gets $30 000 settlement for 'lesbian Barbie' T-shirt
White House upholds policy against gay discrimination
Amendment banning gay marriage a 'mistake': Clinton
Gay marriage: Activists on both sides gear up for Massachusetts elections
Couple celebrates Quebec's first gay marriage
Fans brave rain to pay tribute to Hong Kong star Leslie Cheung
US rural gays find comfort in rodeo
Massachusetts takes first step to outlaw gay marriage
UN gay rights resolution withdrawn
Viacom revives gay-themed television project
Coretta King Scott gives support to gay marriage
Atlanta clergy dispel gay marriage and civil rights comparisons
Oregon county postpones issuing gay marriage licenses
More same-sex marriages conducted in New York
Kerry says people are born gay
Religion, gay marriage, Gibson film divide Americans
Lesbian preacher vindicated by church court
US episcopal bishops offer plan to conservatives
UN aids chief not optmistic about vaccine
LPGA'S Rosie Jones comes out
3 gay couples married by clergy outside NY city hall
Bush's marriage plan's backers struggle with gay marriage
American parents angered by child's gay book
Tennessee county reverses call to make homosexuality a crime
US Methodists divided over lesbian preacher's trial
Tennessee county wants to charge gays with crimes against nature
Attorney wants Michael Jackson to lose child custody
Seattle Methodist trial starts for lesbian minister
Second Oregon county OK's same-sex marriage
Gay couples see Portland, Oregon, as last resort for marriage
Two New York ministers charged for marrying gay couples
Islamic nations blast Annan in gay rights uproar
US same sex couples rue supreme court vote
Oregon AG says gay marriage ban is invalid
San Francisco mayor jepordises future over gay marriage
US clergy support pastor's decision to officiate gay marriage
Spotlight back on Massachusetts over gay marriage row
Conservative episcopalian bishops defy leaders over gay bishop
US gay marriage foes win victories in California, Massachusetts
Tennessee married couple face long battle for recognition
New York couple take gay marriage battle to supreme court
Cape Cod gay hotspot prepares for influx of gay marriages
New Jersey AG orders halt to gay marriage licenses
US gay bishop takes over as head of New Hampshire diocese
American gay marriage 'wars' move to courthouse, statehouse
New York's mayor says gay couples deserve same rights
Episcopalian leader opposes amending US constitution
Some US gay-rights foes see opportunity amid furor over gay marriages
Seattle mayor will recognize gay marriages
Hundreds march for same-sex marriages in New York
Republicans hope Scharzenegger boosts Bush in California
US gay marriages: mayor faces criminal charges
Gay marriage spreading in US, legal headaches, too
Chicago chosen as site for 2006 gay games
Cheney defends lesbian daughter's private life in US constituition row
Bush's same-sex marriage amendment alienates gay republicans
Now same-sex couples trade vows in small New York town
US studies document priestly sex abuse scandal
Alabama episcopalians reject gay bishop
Move to change US constitution uncertain
Move to change US constitution uncertain
Rosie O'Donnell weds in San Francisco
California state attorney general calls for same-sex ruling
Massachusetts: civil unions vs. marriage
Bush debases, mutilates UN constitution: Press
Gay rights groups refrain from making marriage a Democrat issue
Bush calls for gay marriage ban in US constitution
Cheney's gay daughter urged to support marriages
San Francisco pursues marriage blitz as mayor slams Bush
Gay marriage row grips US society
California AG seeks ruling on same-sex marriages
SF braces for key hearing
Gay friendly SF mayor defiant
Schwarzenegger orders halt
California gay marriage: strong sentimentally, weak legally
Resumption of gay marriages divides Americans
Cambodia's king backs gay marriage
Judge declines injunction
Conservatives protest fiercely
Last-minute rush for same sex couples
San Francisco sues California for right to marry gays
US first lady stands by her man
Bush 'troubled by gay marriages in San Francisco
Gay marriages bring big bucks to San Francisco
Massachusetts gridlock on gay marriage
San Francisco steps up gay marriages
Bill would enforce New Hampshire's ban on Gay Marriage
Thousands of gay Mexicans in mock weddings, demand rights
demand too great for officials
San Francisco to marry same-sex couples
US gay couples for valentine weddings in Canada
100 couples marry
Colorado town issued gay licenses in 1975
Massachusetts awaits vote on gay marriage
UK Anglicans debate homosexuality
Gay rights are human rights
IGLHRC calls for global help on UN gay resolution
Aids infection upsurge in US black male sudents
Massachusetts gay-marriage ruling under attack
US presidential hopeful Kerry eases into front-runner's mantle
Jailed priest harassed before being killed
Massachusetts high court rules civil unions insufficient
Bush calls gay marriage ruling 'deeply troubling'
Canadian gay marriage bill face delay in election frenzy
Kansas court backs harsher sentences for underage gay sex
Annan cold-shoulders gay, lesbian UN employees
Canadian parliamentary gay marriage debate may be delayed
UN Commission for Human Rights to vote on sexual orientation
Washington, Vatican allies in opposition to gay marriages
Florida Episcopals vote to join conservative group
Many US states pass tougher anti-gay marriage laws
Ohio suburb registers domestic partnerships
Comment: Too many white males in government in the US
US press slam Bush for backward policies, anti-gay marriage plan
Gay outrage at Bush's warning of banning gay marriage
Through the Hoops: Basketball player forced back into the closet
Gay marriage controversial political issue in US elections
US gay marriage debate takes language from Civil Rights Movement
Episcopalians opposing gay bishop meet to form national alliance
New L.A. sex museum pays tribute to the tame and tawdry
US launches world's first gay retirement village
US Methodists order church trial for lesbian pastor who came out
Bush plans to ask Congress to fund marriage initiative
Strategy paper asks 'replacement' for Episcopals due to gay bishop
"Tortoise" Gephardt needs Iowa upset for presidential campaign
US company lauches gay & lesbian retirement village
US conservatives seek delay on gay marriage ruling
US lawyer sites Texas gay victory to challenge Utah polygamy ban
US groups to exploit split over proposed gay marriage amendment
Dean criticised Bush for gay marriage, decisions based on religion
Boston archbishop urges Catholic lawyers to oppose gay marriage
US Episcopal conference wants seperate network of churches
Former Vermont gov. who granted gay partnerships on the elections
Homophobic Anglicans block US leaders from Uganda ceremony

US politics: Governors' Races Impact Gay Issues
US gay marrige debate gets ugly
Civil rights, gay marriage comparison upsets black Americans
US achievements this year
The year in review
The year in pictures
Real men take gay style advice in new Bravo series
US parish welcomes gay bishop's return
Toronto museum explores the inventive history of contraceptives
New York's men go where no man has gone before - the spa
Big Brother is not the government, it is corporate America
Both Sides In U.S. Same-Sex Marriage To Hold National Lobby Week
Top US companies tout a new attitude to gay and lesbian workers
Three boys charged with sodomy in US high school 'hazing'
A San Francisco gay man, a human guinea pig, testing experimental vaccines
Bush says could support anti-gay marriage amendment
'Queer' evolution: how changes in a word's connotation hint at changes in society
Good queer news - the year 2003 in review
Canadian court rules in favour of retroactive gay benefits payment
British Columbia church closed for opposing gay marriages
A year of unprecedented gains for US gays
Canadian youth sentenced in gay bashing death
Boston Archbishop discusses gay marriage, outlines plans to close churches
Bush says could support anti-gay marriage amendment
Online adoption site refuses gay clients
Iowa same-sex divorce sparks marriage law debate
Peru's first woman cabinet chief may step down over lesbian rumours
Diocese tells priest to stop distributing anti-gay sex pamphlets
Chilean judge suspended after visiting gay bathhouse
Mayor of Brazilian town idicted because of "no gays" decree
Louisiana school punishes 7-year-old over lesbian mother says ACLU
Convicted Utah polygamist's appeal likens polygamy to gay unions
Civil rights, gay marriage comparison upsets black Americans
Homophobic conservatives expose Canada's political divide
Landmark US gay marriage decision written by South African judge
Homophobic conservatives expose Canada's division on social issues
'Maybe', says Hillary Clinton to 2008 presidential race
Brazil court awards UK citizen permanent visa based on gay marriage
Landmark US gay marriage decision written by South African judge
Massachusetts voters support gay marriage: polls
Massachusetts gay marriage ruling may make become similar to Vermont
Gay marriage ruling spirals into US presidential election debate
Majority of Americans oppose gay marriage: poll
Massachusetts gay marriage ruling breaks pace with US mainstream
'FBI' star enraged over claims that Hoover was gay
US catholic bishops consider statement condemning same-sex unions
Church severs ties with US gay bishop
Episcopals in Texas and Pensylvania push for greater autonomy
Robinson calls for church to welcome outcasts, expand 'fences'
Wisconsin governor gets bill to define marriage as one man, one woman
Mass. Supreme Court rules in favour of gay marriage
Two US congragations snub new gay bishop
Anglican split over Episcopal gay bishop expected to slowly unfold
Episcopalians unhappy about gay bishop in new parish
US gay Episcopal bishop to be consecrated
Massachusetts bishops don't support same-sex benefits
Texas towns warn sex offenders to lay low for Halloween
Gay Washington Methodist minister likely to face church trial
Sixty percent of US adoption agencies accepting gays' applications: survey
Episcopal priest resigns amid furor over article supporting gay priest
Anglican-Episcopal gay dispute may affect other churches
US Supreme Court justice cheers 50th anniversary of conservative group
US priest accusers reject sex abuse settlement offer
Former Anglican head calls on gay bishop-elect to step down
Film of life as a gay teen travels in America
US Episcopals divided over homosexuality
Gay partners offer romantic advice to hetero couples
US pedo priest killer to undergo psychiatric evaluation



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