SA conservatives challenge support of same-sex marriage
Human rights of gay, lesbian and bisexual people still under threat in Kwa-Zulu Natal
South African Concourt says yes to gay marriage
It's official! Yes to same-sex marriage in SA!
Pretoria's Christmas Festival of Song
SA lesbians up for 4 year old boy's death
Jhb loses Gay Games 2010 bid to Cologne
Final countdown for Jhb Gay Games VIII 2010 bid
SA hospital denies surrogacy to gay couple
Namibian leader in new attack on queers
Jhb's Gay Games bid: update
Call to challenge DR church's stand on gay dominee's dismissal
Disappointment at closure of Tuesday Night Live radio show
Church defrocks gay dominee
Zimbabwe's operation 'Clean up the Filth'
SA Olympic volleyball player becomes gay games ambassador
SA Gay Games bid 2010: An update
SA homophobic magistrate in trouble
Gay lodge and church make peace
NGK uses gay rod to beat writer
Gay organist suing NG Kerk
Amnesty International 'concerned' for Ugandan LGBT activists
Uganda under fire for gay stance
All hell breaks loose over gay lodge
Dig deep and support the SA sports bid!
Nigerian sentenced to death for admitting to gay sex
Ugandan parliament forbids gay marriage
Same sex marriage issue in SA – update
The Gay & Lesbian Alliance (GLA) of South Africa: dancing out of tune
Male sex worker tells of murder for money
Famous Soweto restaurateur in hot water over alleged 'gay gigolo'
Swazi gays get first same-sex club in kingdom
We ARE queer!
Gay Games 2010 bid – latest update
Funds for Hope Grows Aids Memorial Garden
Zimbabwe gay group wins international award
SA gay man's partner and parents fight over inheritance
Cologne, Johannesburg and Paris to bid for Gay Games VIII in 2010
More on the Johannesburg 2010 gay games bid

SA common law ban on lesbian and gay marriages lifted
Triangle Project: SA same sex marriage
South Africa to appeal against gay marriage court ruling
SA debate on gay marriage yields some suprising support
PRIDE funds raised for Nkosi's Haven!
Gay and lesbian interest show premiers on Radio 2000
Quintessentially quintessential to hitting the town fabulously!
Johannesburg in bid for Gay Games 2010?
Obasanjo backs African churches in condemnation of hmosexuality African anglicans plan to tackle 'abomination' of homosexuality
Ugandan minister blasts dutch diplomat over gay rights call
African bishops to meet in wake of controversy
Nigerian primate blasts 'patronizing' Anglican report
Anglican report is opportunity for reflection: Ndungane
Nigerian Anglicans welcome report on US gay bishop
Angry gay 'sinners' oppose Bush
Treatment Action Campaign contender for Nobel Prize
Ugandan radio station fined for giving gays airtime
The Talented Mr. Ripley enthralls JHB audiences
Pride 2004 'Wedding March' ends in divorce
Gay community did not react 'violently' to arrest threats
Gaypride: 15 years old and still going strong
Police turn blind eye at gay parade
Prizes from SA's Top Brands at the Pride 2004 Gmax.co.za stand
Gay Pride march: anything goes, as long as it's 'decent'
FXI supports rights of gays and lesbians to march in outfits
SA Pride reassures the queens
Condemnation of decision to arrest people in drag
The Greek fashion invasion!
Drag Queens express their constitutional rights
Prof Papo killers found guilty
Police Rain On Gay Parade
4th Canadian province legalizes gay marriage
Accused tells court how Papo killed while having sex
Traditional leader warns gays could herald end of world
Factory nightclub raided
SA same-sex couple want marriage recognised
SA common law on same-sex marriage in appeal court
Court hears details of Papo's death
Gay Sport South Africa – GSSA
State witness 'terrified' of Papo's 'killers'
Jhb Pride – The Wedding March!
2005 Cape Pride dates announced
Lesbians and gays launch court application to marry
Lesbian and gay people demand the right to marry!
Iran executes gay teenagers
10,000 Participants at Jerusalem´┐Żs 4th Pride
2 Stabbed in religious conflict at Jerusalem Pride
4th Jerusalem pride to take place as scheduled
Gays slam hate speech on website
Ndungane prays for creative solutions on gays
Alleged murderer claims to have pulled the trigger
'Dogs and pigs' no more? asks Zim gay coalition
Mandela visits Fassie
Olympic torch to pass through Athlone
Fassie in stable condition, may have brain damage
South Africans march to 'liberate' cannabis
Mbeki unveils broad-based new cabinet with more women
Tutu prefers 'blessing unions' to endorsment of gay marriage
Lesbians are everywhere - why don't we want to see them?
African Anglicans refuse funds from gay clergy supporters
Up to 25 years jail for gay sex in Zanzibar
DA not the darling of Darling
Voting in prisons goes smoothly
Zanzibar legislators pass bill to outlaw homosexual sex
Africa's Anglican leaders meeting after gay bishop controversy
Elections 2004: The queer vote
Drag acts wow Jhb audiences
De Reuck guilty of child porn possession
Advertisement gets Gabon talking about taboo gay topics
Zanzibar wants harsher punishment for homosexuals
Prison sex prohibition should be lifted, commission hears
Death sentence would have been better: NNP
Cheers outside court as Sizzlers case ends
Sizzlers victim's mom will never forgive killers
Sizzlers killers guilty
Some SA's gays enjoy new freedom after apartheid
Sizzlers case races to an end
Third Sizzlers massacre man?
Two men arrested for Pretoria bathtub murder
State wraps up it's case in Sizzlers trial
Sizzler survivor tells court about killings
Client describes grisly Sizzlers scenes
Sizzlers: why we did it
Pride takes Cape by storm
Human rights watch: Egyptian govt arresting, torturing gay men
Nearly 50 men arrested after Saudi gay wedding raid
Africa's first sex conference ends with call to rights for all
Equality project condemns Bush marriage statement
S African 2004 Budget: In a nutshell | TAC welcomes budget
SA awaiting trial inmates in danger of sex abuse: commission hears
TAC 'misunderstood' Mbeki
TAC keeping SA govt on track with hiv/aids
Cape Town race settlement confirmed by equality court
'Gap' in rape treatment policy at South African prisons
Jali: Homophobia inbred in South Africa
Pretoria prison head denies misleading enquiry
Eugene de Kock Implicated in Attempts to De-rail Jali Commission
Ex-prisoner forced to give Pretoria warder oral sex: claim
An interview with a Ugandan lesbian activist
Psychiatric assessment for Sizzlers accused
Sizzlers accused set for high court
Zackie: Marriage for all
Inquiry into human rights abuses of gays in South African prisons
Racist gay Cape Town club settles out of court
Homophobic ACDP attacks ANC's progressive approach to gays
Gay German kidnap suspects go to high court
TAC, Achmat named Time newsmakers
The year in review
Ugandan schoolgirl died of beating, not suicide

Ugandan teen commits suicide after 'lesbian' accusations
Peter Tatchell announces creation of armed movement to oust Mugabe
Zackie Achmat nominted for Nobel Peace Prize
Cape Town Anglicans celebrate priest's birthday
Mozambique: the exhibit that caused all the trouble
Expressions of Johannesburg pride
Irish priest first in South Africa in human HIV vaccine trials
Nigerian queer NGO wins Aids award
Ugandan teen commits suicide after 'lesbian' accusations
Diocese tells priest to stop distributing anti-gay sex pamphlets
GMax - News: Treatment Action Campaign, Zackie Achmat nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Malawi bishop calls on Episcopal head to resign
TAC's Zackie Achmat nominated for Nobel Peace Prize
Ugandan Anglicans cut ties with US church over gay bishop
Nigerian church severs ties with US church
Johannesburg queers go to church in homophobic Africa
National hero status refused to gay ex president of Zimbabwe
Zambia gets 'tough on corruption and gays'
Cape lesbians under attack
Peter Tatchell announces creation of armed movement to oust Mugabe
Anti-gay Angican primate elected head of Christians in Nigeria
Church severs ties with US gay bishop
Zimbabwe's first black president Canaan Banana dies
South African gay groups react to US gay bishop appointment
Gays an abomination ACDP tells Ndungane
Gay bishop row highlights gay repression in Africa
African churchmen lead developing nations' revolt over gay bishop
Nigerian Anglican church in the dark ages
Racism at Cape Town gay bars out in the open
Three in court after alleged attack on US tourist
Childporn accused's bail hearing withdrawn
Men-only nude bathing facility in Cape Town to be screened off
South Africa passes sex change law
Blunders mar marriage-of-convenience fraud case in Cape Town
No condoms in Swazi prisons
Nigerian Anglicans protest gays in US, UK churches
Blessing for same-sex marriages divides Anglican dioceses in Vancouver
California says contractors must offer domestic partner benefits
Gays, lesbians fight conservative governments and an unkind society
Uganda queer activists write the president
"Unnatural practises" law stands in Botswana
German fugitive in Cape kidnapping denied bail
Expressions of Johannesburg pride
Sodomite sentenced to be stoned to death in Nigeria



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